Cetharia Edit


In the middle of the world there is an island and on the island there is a grand city. In the core of the island the royal castle stands tall and the queen Ziena Athari sits on the throne. The castle are a fairly ordinary castle except for two things. The tower that pierces it, with no door or window and have been standing there since the time of the creation of the castle. The castle itself are built with the aid of magic, no army have been able to make a mark on the inner walls or the castle.

In front of the courtyard there was a market place, witch now have been rebuilt for the purpose for “The Bridge”. “The Bridge” is a engineering contraption that have been built with the engineering guild and the magi guild together. It looks like a big gateway, with cogwheels and steam coming out from different parts and in the gate way there is a window, or a hole to another place. 

The capital Cetharia have four major noble houses and four lesser noble houses.

Major Houses: House Athari, House Pelavor, House Barath, House Siena

Lesser Houses: House Kamitsu, House Wylde, House Paragan, House Gereol

House Athari Edit

Ziena Athari, Queen of Cetharia

Raised to queen at the age of 19 she is the youngest queen in memory. The sudded death of her mother gave her no other choise but she had been well prepared to the task. Spending all the time ruling the great nation Catharia and teaching her daughter all the intricate dealings whit the local nobel houses. Fair and fast judgment. Current age is 47.

Alisande Athari, Princess of Cetharia

Alisande Athari, a queen in the making, but shelterd from the outside world. All her time is spent on meetings with the local nobles and the schooling in the way of ruling a nation witch have given her litle to non time over to get to know the real world. Cunning in the manouvering of the court. Currently at age 19.

Galadriel Athari, First Prince of Cetharia

Baladriel is the first prince of Cetharia, and have been schooled in the way of war so that he can protect and aid his sister for the task in her future. Blond short cut hair and blue eyes and a rogueish smile. Age 17.

House Pelavor Edit

Rorchid Pelavor, Head of House Pelavor

Rorchid Pelavor is the head of house Pelavor and many suspects him to plotting against the crown. Many of the assassination attempt are rumored to be traced back to men that can be connected to him, but with list and cunning no evidence to prove the statements can be produced.

Tendancy to lick his limps in a disqusting way when talking to people of higher standing or in more power. Black hair and mustache.

Elisia Pelavor, Lady of House Pelavor

Naive and thoughtfu lady Elisia sees her self as Alisandes best friend, beeing the same age and spending most of the time that Alsiande can be free togheter. Easy distracted by jewelry and dresses. Ebony hair and darker skin then most of the people in the capital.

Erol Pelavor, Lord House Pelavor

Young Erol is facinated by the old lore of the dragons and it is known that he have an unatural facination of fire, many burns covers his hands and even on the side of his face. Age 10.

House Barath Edit

Baroth Barath, Head of House Barath

Lord Baroth Barath, is still a imposing man dispite his age of 56. Schooled in the art of war since he was a child he is one of the finest tacticians in the world. A scar marks his left eye and streaks of gray are starting to show in his hair, that is usually tied togheter in a leather cord, but his full beard is still black. Michael Barath, Lord of House Pelavor

Michael Barath, son of Baroth Barath is at the age 28 and are a flamboyant peacock and a master of swords. With dark chestnut colored hair and clean shaved the boy looks nothing like his father.

House Siena Edit

Helena Siena, Head of House Siena

Helena Siena is the head of the most powerful house after house Athari and have spent most her life in the shadow of her once friend Ziena. They used to play togheter when they was younger but the raising of Zienas mother to queen drove a wedge between them. Wants to place her daughter Olivia on the throne.

Dark red haired with long hair and pale skin, whit cold hard eyes. Age 46.

Olivia Siena, Lady of House Siena

The lady Olivia Siena is the oldest in the house and have a urge for power. Been raised by her mother with the goal to lead a nation she now seeks to bind a man to her cause by marriage.

Short red haired and light blue, almost grey eye color. A close familiarity can be seen between her and her sisters. Shes at the age of 22.

Twins Elyia Siena and Zelda Siena, Ladies of House Siena

Elyia Siena, one of the twins of Helena, are a mischiefious and cheeky young woman prone to a fiery-temper.

Zelda Siena, the opposite of her sister. A shy and carefull girl whit a light sence of humor. A light bubbling laugh is never far from her lips.

With red long hair flowing down their back and pale skin and a face to make every man blush makes them incredibly beautiful, even for their young age of 17. The sisters are courted by many of the young noble men and even those who are old enough to be their fathers.

Athor Siena, Lord of House Siena

The boy Athor, the youngest of in the Siena family at age 6, he is easily drawn in to pranks by his elder sister Elyia and reading togheter in the great liberary with Zelda.